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Looking for some extras for your boat? Whether you are missing a part, or you’ve had a malfunction of an existing piece of marine equipment, you need a reputable supplier of boat parts in Brisbane.

That’s where Holt Marine comes in. Holt Marine is located in Everton Hills and is a leading boat shop Brisbane. As well as servicing all of your boating repairs, at Holt Marine we stock a wide range of boat parts, including spare parts and boat machinery.

Holt Marine stocks brands you are familiar with, many of which are Australian owned and made. If you are looking to save some cash, we also supply second hand serviced parts. Outboard marine engines are our speciality area. Mercury branded outboards is the brand we are most familiar with at Holt Marine, because we are an authorised supplier of Mercury boat motors. We also stock super power Mercury MerCruiser’s, which are great for extra propulsion.

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Holt Marine from past to present

Holt Marine opened almost 40 years ago, in 1977. We are a family operated business, with decades of industry experience under our belt. Over the years, we have gained a reputation as one of the best boat repair and service companies in the region. Whether you’ve experienced an engine failure or a bump after an accident, the Holt Marine team will fix your boat.

The mechanics we employ are well versed in the boating industry, and go the extra mile to ensure you arehappy with your boat service and repair. The Holt Marine team are specialists in repairs and boat parts in Brisbane. You will get the best advice for your boating needs, presented via personal one-to-one service that will be hard to find elsewhere. Of all the marine shops Brisbane has to offer, nothing will compare with your experience with Holt Marine, so please do call us next time you need some help.

That said, it isn’t all about boat maintenance and repair at Holt Marine. Our friendly team can help you with boat sales, modifications and boat parts. No need to fret if you’re after a boat part quickly! At Holt Marine, we are confident you will find what you need in our stock provisions. Over the decades, we’ve established which boat parts are needed most. If there is a part for your boat that we don’t have, we will be able to order it in for you.

Choose Holt Marine For Boat Parts Brisbane:

  • We have all the accessories to get the maximum out of your boats potential
  • Ensure a modern boating experience with Holt Marine
  • Very competitive prices
  • Parts for all brands of outboard motors

Why choose Holt Marine for your boat supplies in Brisbane?

Owning a boat is common in South East Queensland. We love our fishing, hopping over to the islands and cruising the estuaries in our beautiful part of the world. You probably won’t have to look far to find a boating a fishing supplies shop in Brisbane – but they are not all equal when it comes to range and service.

So you’re probably wondering why should you choose Holt Marine as your Brisbane boat parts supplier?

Knowledge in the boating industry

Holt Marine has been in the boat supply business long enough to know what you need to make your life easier on the water. It is overwhelming shopping for boat parts, particularly when you don’t know what’s what. At Holt Marine, we are highly knowledgeable in all things boat. We will tell you what you need for your boat, and answer your boating questions without hesitation. Because of our understanding of the marine industry, at Holt Marine we recommend the very best boat parts in Brisbane that are currently available on the market.

Understand how important it is to get back out on the water

Why waste your time calling around several boat shops to find the right parts? Your time is valuable. Holt Marine knows how important it is to get your boat back out on the water as quickly and safely as possible. Make Holt Marine your first contact for boat parts in Brisbane. Once it is established which part you need, we can fix your boat with your new piece of machinery. You’ll be cruising the ocean and exploring the estuaries again in no time.

Competitive prices

It’s all very well getting the right boat parts promptly, but we also understand costs are important to you, too. When you choose Holt Marine to service your boat, or to provide you with the boat parts you need to get back on Brisbane’s waterways, you won’t be paying through the nose. At Holt Marine, we offer boat parts to the public at some of the most competitive prices in the region. Contact us for a quote on your required Brisbane boat part, and you’ll see the difference!

Tested for quality

All parts and accessories are tested by Holt Marine’s qualified marine mechanics. By testing the equipment we sell to you, we can then be sure we are fitting your boat with the best quality machinery, parts and accessories. This means you can get back out on the water without a fuss, knowing your boat is in tip top shape.

What boat accessories are available to me in Brisbane?

You’re looking for the best boat accessories and parts in Brisbane. Do you know what type of marine equipment is available on the market? The range of machinery, parts and accessories to make your boating lifestyle even more enjoyable include, but are not limited to:

Safety equipment.

You want your family to be safe on the water, and therefore you need adequate safety supplies in case of emergencies. Marine safety equipment includes life jackets, first aid kids, flares, smoke signals, oars, EPIRBs (distress signals), inflatable rafts and fire extinguishers.

Marine paints.

Your boat paints are not limited to colour touch-ups, you can also purchase anti-fouling, varnishes and cleaning products to coat your boat.

Marine electronics.

Marine electronic accessories include 27mhz and VHF radios, touchscreen GPS and navigation equipment, stereos that are installed with blue tooth capabilities, marine speakers with LEDs, marine cameras and autopilots.

Fasteners and fittings.

Stainless steel fasteners for your boat include self-tapping screws, pan head machine screws, hexagon head bolts and allen key screws. Other boat fittings include clips and shackles, clutches, hardware fittings, winch handles, bearings, tiller extensions, pole fittings and galvanised wire.

Trailers and trailer parts.

You boat won’t go anywhere without a trailer, so you’ll need a good one. You can buy a bunk trailer or roller style trailer from boat parts shops in Brisbane. Trailer parts include jacks,winches, couplers, trailer tie-downs, guides and rollers.

Outboard motors.

Outboard engines are a specialist area at Holt Marine; more specifically, Mercury and MerCrusier boat motors are our area of expertise. As an authorised reseller of Mercury outboards, we are the go-to boat shop in Brisbane for the brand’s engines. We have specialists in outboard sales, and can offer both new and refurbished used boat motors.

Outboard trolleys.

Don’t drag your outboard motor around. Buy a trolley to carry your engine safely. You’ll not only save time and get out on the water quickly, you’ll save yourself from injury, too. Outboard trolleys are lightweight metal frames that make it easy for you to carry your boat motor. They consist of a metal frame and come with safety grips for your hands and, more importantly, wheels with which to transport your outboard engine.

Fuel tanks.

You can buy fuel tanks in polyethylene as well as aluminium and stainless steel. Fuel tanks are pressure tested, and designed to hold petrol, diesel or ethanol. Fuel tanks come in a variety of sizes; the smaller models holding 40 litres and larger designs holding up to 180 litres.


You want to be comfortable out on the water, which is why the right seats are important. Our range of boat parts in Brisbane include helm boat chairs with arms, pedestal seats, padded chairs, pilot seats, flip back and fold down seats and swivel chairs.

Fishing equipment.

Fishing may well have been the reason you bought your boat in the first place. You can buy all sorts of fishing gear, including fishing reels, fishing rods, tackle and tackle boxes, bait, scales, bags, knives, and even state-of-the-art electronic fishfinders. If you’re looking for fishing accessories in Brisbane boat part shops, Holt Marine has plenty in stock.

Anchoring and mooring equipment.

Accessories involved with anchoring and mooring include; mooring claws and ropes, fender baskets, dock lines, mooring springs, anchor retrieval floats, anchor mates, galvanised chains, pot floats, buoys, hanger clips and dock wheels.

One-stop boat supplies shop in Brisbane

Consider Holt Marine as your one-stop Brisbane boat parts and accessories shop. Visit us with all of your boat servicing and maintenance needs, and contact us if you are in need of marine parts and accessories.

With close to four decades in the marine servicing industry, Holt Marine is considered one of the best boat shops in the South-East Queensland and greater Brisbane region.

Call Holt Marine for all of your boating needs in Brisbane and beyond on 07 3353 1928. If you’re pushed for time, why not complete the online contact form with your Brisbane boat part questions? Alternatively, pay us a visit! You can find Holt Marine at 25 Queens Rd in Everton Hills, Queensland.

Need quality, affordable boat parts in Brisbane? Contact Holt Marine today.