Life Jackets – The most important of boat accessories

Here at Holt Marine Brisbane, we really stress that it is our mission to not only provide our customers with the latest equipment and boat accessories, but also to educate them along the way.  One of the key areas which we have always placed a heavy focus on is boating safety.  Today’s blog post will be no different, as we set out to provide our readers with a sound understanding of why life jackets are such an incredibly important safety device to have out on the water.

It’s really quite strange to think about, but somewhere along the line it became ‘uncool’ to wear lifejackets while out on the boat.  Seriously think about it – when you conjure up pictures of sailing along the water, the last thing you’d expect would be to see the captain and passengers all wearing life jackets.

However, did you know that there are certain situations where it is the law to be wearing a life jacket?  For example if you are travelling in an open boat that is less than 4.8m in length, everyone on board is required to wear a jacket when crossing a designated coastal bar.  Additionally, any children under the age of 12 years old must wear a life jacket at all times in a same sized boat.

Now for those who don’t fall into these categories, what we do suggest is that if you don’t wish to wear the jackets, please keep them somewhere that is easily accessible.  Beginning January 1st 2012, it has been made law to display a clear sign at the location of the life jackets, and to inform your passengers of how to access them in case of an emergency.

It is rules and regulations just like these which we enjoy passing onto our customers here at Holt Marine Brisbane.  It’s all part of our quest to become the absolute boat and boat accessories store in town.  If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on (07) 3353 1928.


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