Mercury rising all summer long

It’s not just a Bruce Willis movie; the mercury will be rising all summer long. It’s the perfect time to go shopping for boat accessories in Brisbane to get you out on the water with super safety and a touch of style. Before you get out there this summer get your boat match fit to play in the summer games. There are a few things that need to be checked out after the winter hibernation to ensure your time on the water is spent having a great time.

Don’t forget that people change

Kids grow, adults’ shrink. It is one of those strange facts of life. With this in mind be sure to check that the life jackets onboard are the right size for everyone. A life jacket that doesn’t fit is not a life jacket. It’s just a frumpy piece of clothing in a terrible colour. It needs to fit well so the person inside can float. These are the boat accessories Brisbane marine fans need to remember.

Belts, cables and hoses

Just as people change with time, so do boat parts. Over the cold winter months hoses can crack with the cold, cables can suddenly seem worn and belts can slip. Get all this checked out by a marine professional before you set out into the big blue this summer.

Is your fuel system happy?

Ensure that all the fuel lines are in good condition. If they are cracked or brittle they need to be replaced. Exhaust and ventilation systems need to be in top notch working order as well. If this is not the case a day of boating might not be pleasant. For peace of mind, get a professional service.

As the mercury rises this summer so will the urge to get your boat out on the water. Before you do so, make sure your voyaging vessel is ready for action and that all of your boat accessories are Brisbane summer ready!

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