9 Steps to prepare your boat for the summer

It’s coming into prime boating season here in Brisbane and if you’re boat has been moored for the last few months there’s a few things you’ll need to do to ensure you boat is in good working order for the fun ahead. As the boating accessories suppliers and boat repairs centre, come and see the team at Holt Marine for all your boating needs this summer. Here’s a checklist of things to do before heading out on the water this summer.

1. Check Marine Batteries to ensure they are fully charged, clean and topped with distilled water if the fluid levels are low.

2. Check for Corrosion/Degradation of the hull. Often cracks or wearing to the surface of a fibreglass boat can occur during months of inactivity, so it’s a good idea to fix these up now, before any corrosion gets worse.

3. Change Oil and Filters. Now is the time to check oil levels and add more or change if needed. Replace spark plugs on outboard motors too if this hasn’t been done for a while.

4. Prepare ancillary equipment such as the trailer to transport the boat if it’s not been moored. Includes tyre pressure and registration, brake lights and a good clean.

5. Inspect all life jackets for holes and tears and make sure you have other emergency equipment on board including a radio, flares or fire extinguishers for larger vessels.

6. Inspect your propeller for dings, or distortion in the movement. It’s a good idea to carry a spare if damage occurs while out on the water.  

7. Run the motor and drain excess fuel that has been left in the fuel tank. Always carry extra fuel with you before heading out on a journey. Check the fuel lines for cracks or wear.

8. Replace supplies. Whether in the first aid kit, spare fuses or returning any items taken out of the boat such as tool kits.

9. Clean it up – Use borax or baking soda on fibreglass and vinegar on aluminium to restore and brighten the surfaces on your boat.

Before you hit the deep blue, call into Holt Marine for all your boating needs. We’re at 25 Queens Road, Everton Hills and we’re looking forward to a ripper season on the stunning waterways here in Queensland and the Brisbane surrounds.

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