10 Best Brisbane River Fishing Tips

10 Best Brisbane River Fishing Tips

The Brisbane River offers more fishing opportunities than a lot of people realise. In fact, we reckon it’s a great spot to find some of the biggest and hardest fighting fish in southeast Queensland. So take a look at these toptips for fishing the Brisbane River and see for yourself!

Brisbane River bream: our best tips for bream fishing with lures

Bream are the staple species of any river. They fight hard, and you can find them just about anywhere. Getting them on lures is easy too! All you need is a good collection of soft plastics and small hardbodies. We recommend starting around the structure – especially where there’s some current. A relatively slow and erratic retrieve is the best way to entice bream on lures.

Fishing tips for the Brisbane River mouth: where to go and what to use!

The Brisbane River mouth is home to some absolute sea monsters. It is deep, riddled with currents, and full of structure. Getting out in a boat with a good sounder is the best way to find fish around the mouth. Look for surface action in the warmer months; bait balls often indicate feeding tuna. Closer to the banks, deep edges beside industrial structures often hold jewfish and threadfin salmon. If you hook up out there, you’d better hold on!

Finding flathead: Brisbane River fishing tips for one of the more elusive species

Flathead are similar to bream: they put up a good fight and you can find them just about anywhere. Our best flathead fishing tips for the Brisbane River are similar to our bream tips. Using the same lures on sand banks and mud flats often yields flathead of various sizes, with plenty of bream thrown in too!

Tide tips for fishing the Brisbane River

Picking your tides is vital with any river fishing. When fishing the Brisbane River, we recommend an incoming tide in the River’s upper reaches, and an outgoing tide towards the mouth, and in the deeper holes. Fish follow the tide, generally speaking, so keep an eye out for pressure points and back eddies.

Moon phases: tips for fishing the Brisbane River at night

Moon phases and tides are closely linked. And when you’re night fishing, moon phases can make all the difference. If you’re night fishing the Brisbane River, we suggest going on a waxing gibbous, or full moon, during the last third of a run in tide. As the current increases towards high tide, so will your catch!

The prized species: salmon fishing tips for the Brisbane River

Threadfin salmon are one of the Brisbane River’s fishing drawcards. So how do you find them? The most consistent way to find threadfin salmon is to look for sweeping banks, with deep mudholes and a lot of current. Structure is key; you don’t want too much structure, but the bottom needs to have some shape. Trial and error is the only way to learn!

Land-based fishing tips for the Brisbane River: where to go and what to look for

The Brisbane River is great for land-based fishing, as there is an abundance of structure and access points. Urban exploration is the best way to find the best spots; our tip is to go for a walk one day through one of the many neighbourhoods that line the River.

Kayak fishing in the Brisbane River: tips to find fish

Kayak fishing is an exciting way to see the Brisbane River. Much like land based fishing, exploration is the best way to find good spots. Look for bank structure, and unusual currents to get you started. But beware: those currents can be powerful!

Finding structure means finding fish: using your depth sounder to increase your catch

Finding the right structure in the Brisbane River is only possible with a depth sounder. Let’s face it, you can’t exactly see the bottom! If you haven’t used a depth sounder before, ask the experts for a crash course at your local marine store. Cracking the code to sounders will improve your success drastically!

Brisbane River by boat: our top tips for fishing the river in your pride and joy

Seeing the Brisbane River by trailer boat is a unique and interesting experience. Add in some fishing and you’ve got the perfect day! Our best tip for fishing the Brisbane River by boat is to head downstream first. It’s a little easier to locate fishing when there’s more water to cover. And the Brisbane River mouth has plenty of ground to explore! When you get a little more confident, you can head upstream and give it a go.

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