5 Essential Boat Accessories You Need Today

5 essential boat accessories you need today

Boating is one of the most popular pastimes in southeast Queensland and for very good reasons. The area is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Australia and the superb fishing that the waters off Brisbane have to offer complements this. There are many factors that can limit your time on the water, and these include your busy schedule, changeable weather, and unpreparedness. Getting the most out of your time on the water is important, and this is why being prepared is one of the most important facets of boating. Being prepared will not only allow you to maximise your time on the water, it will also allow you to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers, should something go wrong.

There are a lot of regulations surrounding marine safety – both in the creek and out at sea – which is another reason why having a well prepared vessel is of paramount importance. Besides having a seaworthy boat, you can improve your preparedness for any situation with a number of essential boat accessories, and five of these stand out in particular.


The term ‘EPIRB’ stands for Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon and these are a fantastic addition to any seagoing vessel. If you encounter an emergency of a potentially life threatening nature, you can activate your EPIRB, which will then emit a signal to the relevant authorities. This will be passed on to the staff of marine emergency services, who use the signal to track your location and rescue you. EPIRBS are accurate to varying distances depending on the model you choose and generally, they are carried on vessels travelling offshore. In fact, it is a legal requirement that your boat be equipped with an EPIRB if you are planning on travelling more than two nautical miles from land, or two nautical miles from the limits of partially smooth waters.

Reliable outboard motor

Many a skipper has been caught out by an unreliable outboard and up until recent years the odd breakdown was just accepted as a part of boating. Now however, internationally leading outboard manufacturers such as Mercury are using advanced technology to develop some of the most reliable, economical and functional outboards ever. With such an abundance of advanced outboard models on the market, making the upgrade can really pay off in terms of reliability. This can save you the embarrassment of a tow back in to shore, and potentially even save your life if you are boating in some rough conditions and things go pear shaped.

Life jackets

Life jackets are a legal requirement in all vessels in Queensland, and there is a very good reason for this. Strong and often invisible currents are present in all water throughout Queensland, from the fresh upper reaches of the rivers, to the tidal estuaries and offshore ocean. This means that there is always a risk to your safety – regardless of whether you are a strong swimmer or not – should you find yourself overboard, and a life jacket can alleviate the risk of drowning almost entirely. It is best to check the regulations for your local area and ensure that you have the correct type and number of life jackets in your boat before you hit the water next.


A V-sheet is another important boat accessory and you will be glad to have one, should you ever be unfortunate enough to need it. V-sheets are used when you require assistance from another vessel and they are often used by boaties who have broken down or run out of fuel and are in need of a tow. There are also a number of regulations surrounding V-sheets, so it is important to check these before you head out.


Finally, flares are a great safety addition to every boat and they are mandatory in vessels operating beyond smooth waters. There are several varieties of flare and different ones are suitable to different applications. Flares do expire and it is a legal requirement that any expired flares are replaced, to ensure that your vessel complies with the relevant marine safety legislation.

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