5 Expert Boat Towing Tips

If you have recently made the jump into a brand new boat, congratulations! But there is one more thing you need to get sorted before you pick it up: boat towing. Towing a boat for the first time can be a little daunting. No doubt you’ve heard a lot about how it can be hard to reverse a trailer – maybe you’ve even hear a horror story or two! But let us put your mind at easy; towing a boat is not nearly as hard as a lot of people make it out to be. With our five boat towing tips, you will have no problems getting on and off the water. 

#1 The most important of our boat towing tips is to keep your trailer well maintained

If you are looking a towing a used boat, make sure the trailer is in a workable condition. And by workable, we mean road worthy and well maintained! The biggest cause of boat towing incidents is corroded trailer bearings. Your wheel bearings are one of the most important parts of the trailer. They allow the wheels to spin freely and if they fail, the resulting friction can damage your axle beyond repair. It can even cause your wheels to fall off. So make sure your bearing are in good condition before you get your boat on the road.

#2 If you’re towing a big boat, don’t push your car beyond its limits – it’s ok to take it slow

The speed limit is exactly that: a limit, not a target. When you’re towing a boat, it’s often not appropriate to go the speed limit. Of course, there a lot of things that determine how fast you can go. These include the size of your towing vehicle, the size of your boat, the condition of the road, and more. If you have any doubt about any of these things, don’t be afraid to slow it down a bit to a speed at which you’re more comfortable.

#3 Make sure you know the weight of your boat and how it is distributed on the trailer

Boat trailers come in all shapes and sizes. Our boat towing tips apply to pretty much all of them, but it’s still important to know your boat and your trailer. For example, if you know the down weight of your boat, as well as the gross weight, then you can more accurately determine how fast you can comfortably drive. Trailers with very low or very high down weights are normally not well suited to towing at high speeds.

#4 Boat towing tips for going forward: take every corner as wide as possible

Now for some of the more basic, but still important, boat towing tips. When you’re going forward, it’s important to remember that your vehicle is much longer than normal. And although boat trailers are designed to follow your vehicles as well as possible, you are still going to have to allow some extra space to take corners. Ideally, you should take each turn as wide as you possibly can.

#5 Boat towing tips for reversing: use your side mirrors

Finally, its time for some boat towing tips for reversing. Reversing has a bad reputation as being hard. But once you get the hang of it, you won’t think twice! The best of our boat towing tips for first-time reversers is to use your side mirrors. Think of it like this: if you see more of your boat in one side mirror, turn the steering wheel towards that mirror. Then, when your boat appears evenly in both side mirrors, you can straighten up again. With these boat towing tips, reversing in a straight line should be a breeze. And remember – if you ever need tips, ask the experts!

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