5 reasons to choose Holt Marine

Are you looking for a new boat, or need to repair your existing boat? Holt Marine would love to assist you with all of your boating needs, and get you out on the water as soon as possible. Queensland has some wonderful waterways and beaches to explore, for a full-range of water sports including boating and fishing. We want you to enjoy every moment you spend on the water, and be satisfied that you have a team of experienced boating professionals supporting you all the way.

Located in Brisbane

Holt Marine is located in North Brisbane, and we have a long list of local customers in the Brisbane area who return to us time and time again for all of their boating needs. When you partner with us, you know that you have a team of boating professionals who understand the local area and everything it has to offer you in boating. We are passionate about our local area, and every time you make a purchase from us, you are supporting the local economy.

2: Established in 1977

We have been around for a long time. Holt Marine is a well-established business that has a proven track record for success. We were established in 1977 and have a proud history of suppling boating products and services to our local community.

3: A wide range of services

We can help you with everything boating and offer a wide range of services, so that you can come to one place and get everything you need. We can offer boat sales, boat repairs and servicing, outboards, boating accessories, and industry advice. Whether you are in the market for a new boat, or if you need assistance with your existing boats, Holt Marine is ready to help.

4: Experienced staff

Our staff will make you feel at ease, because they are active with boats themselves. They have used and understand the products that they sell, repair and service, and they understand the needs of boaters in the local Queensland area. If you are ready to spend more time on the water, talk to the experienced staff at Holt Marine.

5: Superior customer service

We take pride in our knowledge and skills in the boating industry, but we also take pride in our high levels of customer service. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their experience at Holt Marine, from the moment they first approach us, to the time they spend on the water.

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