5 Reasons To Go Boating This Holiday Season

5 Reasons To Go Boating This Holiday Season

For most people, the holiday season is a time of extended leisure. And hey, you’ve worked hard all year – you probably deserve it! But there’s one thing that a lot of people overlook: boredom. Without a good set of activities to get you through the holiday season, a lot of people do get bored. Although boredom beats a day at work, there’s nothing better than filling your holiday season with fun activities. And what could be more fun than a day on the water?

If you want to go boating this summer, we are right behind you. In fact, we have five reasons why you should go boating this holiday season.

If you want to go boating, summer is definitely the time to do it!

Sure, boating in winter can have its rewards. But sitting out at sea in frosty winds with clouds mounting overhead isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. Reclining beneath clear skies on a beautiful summer’s day? That’s more like it! The fact is that boating in summer is more pleasant in general. You can take advantage of our beautiful coast and dive in for a swim at any time. You’ve got dolphins skirting the beaches, great water temperatures, and the opportunity to work on your tan. Not to mention the great fishing!

Taking the family to go boating is a great way to get your dose of the outdoors

Most families are looking for outdoor activities during the holiday season. Without a good dose of the outdoors, the allure of TV and video games can be too much for a lot of kids to resist! So how do you get out there in a way that’s fun for the whole family? We reckon you can’t do better than go boating. When it comes to family pastimes, boating is a crowd pleaser. For the fishos in the family, you have plenty of opportunities to wet a line. For those who prefer a leisurely dip, your options are also endless. It’s also a great way to simply get some peace and quiet. As far as holiday activities go, boating is a winner.

Go boating this holiday season if you want to make the most of summer’s excellent fishing!

We’ve mentioned fishing a few times, and there’s a good reason for that: fishing heats up in summer! The warmer water currents really bring a lot of species to life. Your estuarine fish get aggressive, and the offshore fishing really comes into gear. Water temperatures have a profound effect on fishing conditions, and that’s something worth seeing firsthand. So get out on the water and wet a line this holiday season.

This time of the year has more favourable conditions to go boating offshore

Another great thing about summer is the weather conditions; they make it easier to go boating. Winds are usually calmer and that means that you can get offshore safely and comfortably. Most of the time, you are looking at a southeasterly wind direction, with relatively low wind speeds. A lot of the time, this turns Moreton Bay into a boating Mecca!

With the great southeast on your doorstep, who wouldn’t want to go boating this holiday season?

Summer is a great time to go boating anywhere. But it is an especially good time to go boating here in the Southeast. Moreton Bay, Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast are all prime boating locations. They have something for everyone too, from great fishing to excellent swimming. So don’t spend your holidays indoors; fire up the outboard and see our beautiful coastlines firsthand. Or, for the skiers out there, head up to the lakes. Summertime is perfect for skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing; you don’t have to worry about those freezing winter temperatures!

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