5 Storage Tips For Boat Safety Gear

There’s nothing more liberating than hitting the water. The feeling of freedom, mixed with a bit of saltwater, is the best way to spend a weekend. But there are a few things you need to check before you go. And by far the most important is boat safety gear. Your rods and fishing gear might come in at a close second, but at the end of the day your boat safety gear can save lives. Just having it there is one thing, but storing it well will enhance its effectiveness immeasurably. So read on for some of our best tips on how to store boat safety gear!

Make sure your boat safety gear is easily accessible

Boat safety gear is one of the few things you buy in the hope that you’ll never use it. But when you do, you have to act fast. If your boat is going down offshore, or if there’s been a medical incident, you don’t have much time. Getting to your EPIRB quickly is a matter of life and death. So you have to be sure that you can reach it at a moment’s notice. Most EPIRBS come with mounts that you can attach to your console, and that’s a great way to keep them out of the way, but still readily accessible.

Lifejackets are part of your boat safety gear and you have to label where you have stored them

Lifejackets are probably the bulkiest part of our boat safety gear. So naturally, they’re pretty hard to store. That’s why a lot of boaties have them shoved up in the hull somewhere, or stuffed in their own compartment. Ideally they would be more accessible, but because of their size it’s not always possible. That’s why the government introduced regulations that mean all life jacket storage compartments have to be clearly labelled. So wherever your lifejackets are kept, you and your passengers will know where to get them.

Keeping your boat safety gear in a waterproof bag is always a good idea

It goes without saying that a lot of boat safety gear is waterproof – and we are all the better for it! But that doesn’t mean you can’t store them in a waterproof safety bag. In fact, that is a preferable way to store them. A lot of boat safety gear is waterproof, but if they get wet and are left for a long period of time, they can still sustain damage. Things like torches and flares are especially susceptible to saltwater damage. So a good waterproof bag will prevent them degrading, so they’re ready when you need them. Waterproof bags are also buoyant, which is important in a marine emergency.

Store your boat safety gear up the front and back your boat: you never know when you’ll need it

If you have a bigger boat and are a bit partial to some offshore fishing, this one’s for you! Store your boat safety gear at the front and back of the boat. Instead of putting all your lifejackets up one end, for example, spread them out. This will allow you to get at them easily in an emergency, wherever you are on the boat.

Make sure you take your boat safety gear out of storage to check it all frequently

Our last storage tip for boat safety gear is to avoid the set and forget approach. Sure, it’s easy enough to leave your boat safety gear in its place. But the marine environment is harsh and nothing is completely immune. It’s well worth getting your safety gear out before and after every trip and giving it the once over. Who knows – it could save your life!

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