6 essential items for boating

Boating should be safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. When you hit the water ensure you take these essential items to make your day the best it can be. Think ahead and pack your boat and bags correctly, because it might be a long way back to fetch something important that you have forgotten.

1: Life jackets

All of the people in your boat will need to have life jackets if it is mandatory by law. To learn more about the types of boating that require life jackets to be provided, check the laws in your state, and any other state when you are travelling there. Ensure the lifejackets are well maintained and suitably sized for the people who will be wearing them.

2: Sunscreen

The Australian sun is harsh and a day on the water will leave you exposed and prone to sun damage. It is also recommended that you take a hat and wear a sleeved shirt to further protect you from the sun. As the captain of the boat, you should ensure all of our passengers do the same.

3: Fresh water

Never underestimate the amount of water you will need to carry with you boating. Other passengers may be thirstier than you, so it is always better to take more than less. Fresh water is especially important in the heat, and it can be used for first aid, washing hands and other tasks.

4: Shoes

While you may feel safe without shoes in your boat, what will happen if you need to climb out of your boat onto sharp rocks? Even if you keep a pair of protective shoes spare in your boat, you will be glad you did if there is a time when you need them.

5: A waterproof bag

Staying organised will prevent your boat from becoming dirty and cluttered, so take a large bag that you can keep everything in. A waterproof bag may be more appropriate in smaller boats as there is a risk it could fall overboard and all of your essentials will get wet.

6: Torch

Even if you do not plan to be boating at night, in an emergency you may need to. Perhaps your journey simply takes longer than you expected and your return trip takes you into the dark. Carry a waterproof torch or another kind of lighting system so you can see your boat during the night.

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