7 Fun & Safe Ideas For Boating With Kids

Boating with kids is one of the most rewarding ways to spend time on the water. But, as with all activities, you need to be mindful of safety. At the end of the day, not every boating expedition will be completely suitable for kids. So let’s take a look at 7 fun and safe ideas for boating with kids.

1. Kids love boating when there’s plenty of fun activities, so why not hit the dams with a kneeboard!

The key to a good day on the water with your kids is keeping them busy. Kids just love activities, and they don’t always share the attention span of a seasoned fisherman! So why not hit the dams for a day? Dams are a great place to start kids off with boating. Dams don’t have much in the way of dangerous wildlife, and if you steer clear of dam walls and restricted areas, there aren’t many dangerous currents either. So why not pack the kneeboard and a tube, and spend a day trying them out!

2. Learning to fish is another great way to go boating with kids – here’s a great place to start

Kids love learning to fish. There’s no greater excitement than boating your first fish, with the family in tow. But keeping kids interested can be tough when the fishing is slow. That’s why we suggest going for smaller fish first. They’re easier to find and more abundant, so you’re likely to get something earlier in the day. And when it comes to boating with kids, catching a fish makes all the difference.

3. If you’re boating with kids offshore, here’s what you need to keep them safe

Safety is paramount when you’re boating with kids. So no matter where you go, make sure your safety gear is up to scratch. All boats need lifejackets, so make sure you pack some kid-friendly models. You should also check Queensland boating regulations to see what else you need before you hit the water. And, as always, make sure there’s plenty of sun protection, water, and snacks for the kids!

4. Pumping yabbies is always exciting, and it’s a great activity to do with kids when you’re boating

If you want a sure fire way to get your kids into boating, go yabby pumping with them! Yabby pumping is a great way to get the best whiting bait available. But, better still, it’s a source of great excitement for children. In fact, getting a good number of yabbies can often be more exciting than boating with them as bait!

5. Boating with kids isn’t always about fishing – it is a great way to get to know nature as well

Of course, boating is not always about fishing. In a place as beautiful as Queensland, simply getting on the water is often enough. However, kids mightn’t see it in quite the same way that we do. So if you want to spend a day boating and sightseeing with the kids, why not set a few goals? A great way to keep their attention is with some friendly competition. See who can spot the most pelicans, or perhaps try and find some of the weird and wonderful sea creatures that inhabit our tidal estuaries.

6. If you pick the right forecast, you can go boating offshore where there’s plenty of snorkelling on offer

Snorkelling and kids go hand in hand. But, as with any type of swimming, kids need extra supervision. The best way to keep your kids safe while snorkelling is to run a sturdy rope behind your boat. Using a crab pot buoy and a line of rope attached to the boat, you can provide your kids with something to hold on to while they check the beauty of undersea exploration!

7. Crabbing is one of the best ways to go boating with kids – here’s why!

Speaking of crab pot buoys, why not take the kids crabbing? Crabbing is an easy way to get your kids on the water, while keeping that excitement in the air! There’re few better feelings than pulling up a pot full of crabs, and it’s something the kids can all get behind. Just watch out for the nippers!

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