Boaters to take Caution in Wild Weather Aftermath

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Following the recent wild weather that gripped Australia’s eastern seaboard in the wake of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald, we think it’s a timely reminder to share some safety tips for recreational boaties to follow before, during and after wild weather. Going out on the water is never advised in severe weather, including the period directly following heavy rain and severe winds. Here’s what else to remember:


•    People who own boats in public moorings need to take extra care to ensure their vessel and mooring gear is in good condition to handle tough conditions since winds can cause vessels to break free from their moorings and run aground. Debris can also entangle mooring lines with hulls quickly filling with water. Routine maintenance and vessel inspections go a long way preventing serious trouble in regards to your vessels mooring


•    During wild weather avoid inspecting your vessel and attempting to secure it as flying debris, slippery surfaces and other risk factors make this a particularly hazardous exercise.  Keep up to date with storm warnings and make any necessary adjustments before a storm hits.

•    Flooded waterways can present a risk for boating, since equipment, debris and other materials washed into rivers and creeks can be submerged and difficult to see in coloured water. Stay vigilant and keep an extra lookout for debris after heavy winds and rain.


•    Skippers are responsible for the safety of all passengers on board and those of small craft in particular should stay on alert following extreme weather and check the latest conditions before any boating activity, particularly if heading off shore or crossing a bar.

As always, exercising caution and common sense goes a long way in staying safe when out on the water – especially in the period following extreme weather. To get your boat storm safe and for any  boat repairs, please call the Brisbane boating professionals at Holt Marine today on (07) 3353 1928. Alternatively visit us at 25 Queens Road, Everton Hills.

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