Boating Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Trip

boating mistakes

Boating is one of the best hobbies there is. Whether you’re fishing, swimming, skiing, or just sightseeing, a day on the water is hard to beat. But it takes some preparation. When you’re on the water, you’re in charge of your own safety.

And depending on where you are boating, help could be a long way away. Before going on a boating trip, planning is essential. But what are you planning for? Here are some of the most common boating mistakes that you should plan to avoid.

Bungling the bungs: Forgetting the bungs is one of the most costly mistakes

A boat is no good without its bungs! But it’s not uncommon to see a boat slowly sinking off the ramp, while it’s skipper frantically rushes to get it back on the trailer. At the end of the day, bungs are such an easy thing to forget about. They’re small, they live at the back of the boat, and they’re easy to misplace when you take them off.

And that’s exactly why you should do everything you can to make sure you don’t launch your boat without them. We find that looping your bungs onto your boat or car keyring is a great way to remember them. With that trick, you can usually remember to put them on before you even leave home.

Turning tides: failing to check the tides is another common boating mistakes – here’s why it’s bad

Once you get on the water incident-free, the number of boating mistakes you can make reduces. If you’re out there, and afloat, you’ve done well. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. There are still plenty of mistakes to avoid. For example, checking the tides is something you should always do before hitting tidal waters. The reason is simple: low tide can expose lots of dangerous hazards. Shallow banks, wrecks, rocks, and reefs can all come out of water at low tide. And if you’re not prepared to navigate them, you could find yourself a victim of this common boating mistake.

Hitting the water without a well-maintained outboard is a serious boating mistake!

Your outboard motor is your ticket onto the water. But it’s also your ticket home. You need to know that your outboard will turn back on again, and work when you need it to! How can you be sure, though? The best way to be sure that your outboard works, is by getting it frequently serviced by a professional. Adhering to your service timeline can help you avoid this potentially serious boating mistake. And it only requires your attention a few times a year!

Make sure your trailer is in good condition – you could avoid an on-road boating mistake!

Like your motor, your trailer is a vital part of your boating experience. Sure, you leave it behind when the actual boating begins. But without it, you’ll be going nowhere fast! So make sure your trailer is in good condition before you take off on your next boating trip. Check the bearings and the electrics. Check for corrosion. And, if applicable, make sure your trailer brakes are working!

Forgetting your safety gear: it’s a boating mistake that could see you fined, or worse!

Finally, this is one of the most serious boating mistakes: forgetting your safety gear. In Queensland, safety gear is a legal requirement in all boats. That means that if you make this boating mistake, you could find yourself in trouble with the authorities. But that’s nothing compared to the risks if something goes wrong!

Get a safety check by the professionals, and make sure your boat’s safety gear is all compliant as well.

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