Boating Tips For Beginners To Help You Catch More Fish

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There is nothing quite as alluring as the prospect of a successful day on the water. For a lot of fishers, this lure is too strong to resist – that’s how most of us end up with boats! But if you’re a fishing or boating beginner, navigating the many tricky details of a day on the water can be challenging. That’s why we have collected a few of our best boating and fishing tips for beginners.

Fishing is all about preparation: when the bite is hot, you need to be ready to get among it!

You could very easily spend eight hours on the water without a bite, then experience a full fifteen minutes of mayhem. In fact, that’s what most of us dream of! So when that fifteen minutes of madness finally comes along, you don’t want to waste it. That’s why preparation is key. In terms of fishing and boating tips for beginners, preparation has to be at the top. But what exactly do you need to prepare? Generally, you need to have at least one rod rigged per person, and a spare rod rigged and ready to go as well. Then there’s boat maintenance – read on to find out why that’s so important.

A lot of fishing tips for beginners focus on techniques, but preparing your boat is just as important

If you’ve been doing some research on fishing tips for beginners, most of them probably centre on techniques and rigs. That’s vitally important too, but there is one thing you need to have prepared even before that: your boat. Getting your boat set up for a day on the water is the first step to success. You should make sure that everything is in working order, and all your tools of the trade are stored away, but accessible. Having as much clear deck space as possible is also important. It will allow you to move around the boat freely when you’re playing that fish of a lifetime.

One of the best fishing tips for beginners is to choose the right boat for where you want to fish

Let’s take another step back and go right to the start: choosing your boat. If you’re looking for beginners’ fishing tips, then boat selection surely warrants a mention. Chances are, you are looking at getting a boat to do a certain type of fishing. Perhaps you can’t go past the thought of flicking soft plastics in skinny waters for those elusive estuarine species. Or perhaps you feel more attracted to a shoulder-aching day in the deep, pulling up some of the bigger species our oceans have to offer. In either case, you need a suitable boat. If you choose a big boat, then getting into those shallow tidal waters is pretty much off the table. And if you choose a smaller boat, getting out to the deep water simply isn’t an option. So take some time to work out what you want from your boat – we guarantee you the rewards will make it all worthwhile!

Of course, tides still form an important part of any coastal fishing trip: here’s why

We may have glossed over technique a little earlier, and that’s not to say it isn’t important. In fact, technique is the second half of a fishing trip. Once you’ve got your boat set up and your rigs ready, technique is what you need to convert it all into a full esky. Generally, the techniques you employ will be centred on tidal movement. Following the tide is how you find fish; the tides dictate their feeding habits, so you need to be well-acquainted with what the tides are doing.

Heading offshore? Here is our top fishing tip for beginners out at sea

Heading out to sea requires a little extra planning. For beginners on the offshore fishing scene, our top tips are all about safety. Make sure your boat and gear are in perfect condition. Then there’s finding the fish – you’ll need a good depth sounder and GPS for that. Look for sharp inclines or declines on the sea floor, and always look for structure. These simple tips will turn your fishing from beginner to expert in no time!
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