Buying a Boat? 4 Things to Consider Before You Say Sold

Buying a new boat is up there with investing in a new set of wheels – it just feels good. You can’t wait to get it out on the water, imagining weekends of endless fishing, the light taste of a freshly caught snapper and the setting sun hot on your back as you open a cold one. Before you make a decision or even start shopping around, make sure you’ve ticked off these four Holt tips first.

Live Within Your Means

You’ve no doubt heard this saying rolling around the airwaves over the past couple of years. Making a purchase on a big ticket item like a boat demands an honest assessment of what you can afford versus what you wish you could afford, or what you can afford if you go without everything else for five years. Smart budgeting reasons you must determine what you can comfortably spend and mark it as a total cost, considering any additional charges that may impact your final decision. Ideally, you should create a five thousand dollar buffer for yourself, just in case.

Does Size Matter?

And would you trade a big boat for low quality? Bigger isn’t always better, it isn’t always well made, it won’t always be the boat you need actually need. Aside from hidden issues, bigger boats are less economical, require more storage area and don’t always signal a higher standard of craftsmanship. Buying a small to medium quality boat for the same cost as a big, questionable monster is by far the smarter investment.

To Buy Pre-loved…

Taking a chance on anything second hand can either sink your dreams or be the best deal you’ve ever made.  Go into the conversation with a clear objective, clarify any questions, examine the boat closely, take pictures of any issues and ask to sight all logbooks. Gather all available information, take it out for a test, investigate and question. You don’t want to buy a problem boat.

Restored Vs. Modern

Retro models can be fashionable and faithful, provided they’ve received consistent and attentive care through their long lives. Underneath their funky exteriors though, problems can lurk; irreversible, expensive problems. Never be afraid to lift things, move other parts and take out the newly installed bench cushions – they could be hiding something serious. Discuss the limitation of the classic boat before deciding yay or nay, exploring the benefits and shortcomings of a modern boat for around the same price.

Buying a boat to suit your personality and lifestyle shouldn’t be a high pressured experience. If at any time you feel rushed or uncertain about your options, take a step back and reassess your goals, needs and budget.

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