Buying a boat: will you use it?

One of the warnings people are given when they are buying a boat for the first time is that they may not even use it. Boats can be an investment of hard earned money, but if you actually take them out on the water they pay themselves off very quickly with enjoyment and free fish.

So, if you are in the market for a boat, how do you know if you should listen to your friends and family who are telling you that your boat will sit in your driveway and never feel the swish-swash of water on its hull? We have gathered a few tips so you can decide if this purchase will be worth it.

How often do you spend time on the water now?

If you are already a land-based fisherman, a surfer or a swimmer, who has a natural passion for the water, your new boat will most likely be loved and used. If you are already spending most of your weekends by the water and look longingly across it while wishing you had a boat, you might be ready to actually get out there and do it. One of the reasons people do not use their boats is lack of time, but if you are already spending time by the water, your boat will be put to use.

How many other commitments do you have?

Life can get busy with work, family, travel and hobbies. To use a boat regularly you will need a schedule that is not filled with football training sessions, visits to the pub with friends, or long hours worked at a second job. Getting out on the water will need to be a priority for you, so how much time do you really have to dedicate to being in a boat?

Why do you want a boat anyway?

Your reasons for wanting a boat will be a good indicator on how much it will be used. If you simply want to impress your friends and buy a flash toy, it may just sit in your driveway. But if you have a natural love for the water and are ready to explore the rivers, lakes and oceans around you, your boat will always be used.

We love the water too! Talk to us about your plans to buy a new boat.


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