Considerations for buying an outboard motor

The engine is undoubtedly the most important of all boat parts. It’s the heart and soul of your boat, and choosing the right one will have a big impact on how your boat operates including its speed, how much fuel it consumes and how well it will be matched with the size of the boat.

Our team here at Holt Marine are fully trained in the specifications and relevant product knowledge of all our outboard motors and can guide you to find a boat engine that’s right for your needs. We’ve also put together a list of considerations to help to you choose the right motor for your boat in our latest post.


If acceleration is a priority, a direct injection two stroke engine can let you feel the exhilaration of fuel combustion with only a small amount of oil being burnt. This means low emissions and less wafting fuel smells while out on the water. Compared to the traditional two stroke engines that came before them they offer a good balance of fuel efficiency and performance. Traditional two stroke engines are still a good option for smaller vessels and ease of manoeuvrability that require less power.


For most boaters in Queensland, four stroke outboard motors are the number one choice for their fuel injected system for larger boats and also less fuel used and exhaust emissions. They are available in horse power ranging from the single digits, right up to 350 HP, making outboard motors a viable option for much larger vessels. Thanks to improvements from leading manufactures including Mercury and Mariner you can get all the performance benefits at the lower end, plus good refinement of fuel combustion.

Other things to think about:

•    The weight of the engine compare to the size of the boat

•    The security of the motor, are their features to help keep it secure and prevent theft?

•    What recommendations are there for engine from the boat’s manufacturer?

•    Price versus the operating costs long term

•    Second hand motors can be another good option.

If you need assistance to choose an outboard motor based on your budget, boat and other preferences, don’t hesitate to visit the Holt Marine team today. We’ve got a range of quality outboard motors for sale in Brisbane, both new and second hand and all your other boating needs covered. We’re at 25 Queens Road, Everton Hills so sail in store to see us today!

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