Expert Tips On Buying A Used Boat

Expert Tips On Buying A Used Boat

Buying a used boat is a popular way to get into boat ownership. And there are heaps of good reasons why! Buying a used boat is often a fair bit cheaper, and it is also a good way to get your hands on unique models. But buying a used boat does require a little extra attention to detail. If you’re buying a used boat that has had some serious time on the water, you will need to look out for signs of wear that could become problems in the future.

One great way to work around this is to buy through a dealer. A good second hand boat dealer will get a used boat into seaworthy condition before you buy it. Nevertheless, there are some things to look out for. That’s why we’ve made a quick second hand boat buyers’ guide below!

Buying a used boat with a fibreglass hull? Keep an eye on timber rot in older models

Buying a used boat is a great way to find those older models that really have some distinction about them. And more often than not, these models perform exceptionally well on the water. But, there is one thing that can let them down: timber rot. A lot of old fibreglass boats have timber stingers in the hull. These are susceptible to rot over time, which can degrade the structural integrity of the boat. Luckily, a lot of those older models have been restored with allow stringers, which offer enhanced strength and longevity.

When you’re buying a used boat, it pays to get the outboard checked by a professional

You could buy the best used boat hull on the market, but without a good outboard you won’t be getting on the water in a hurry! So, even though checking the hull is important, we recommend spending good time on the outboard. If you’re getting serious about buying a used boat, it’s probably worthwhile getting the outboard checked by a professional.

Buying a used boat normally means you’re buying a trailer too – so make sure it’s roadworthy!

Buying a used boat is exciting, and it’s easy to dedicate all of your time to the boat itself. But leaves one very important aspect overlooked: the trailer. The trailer is just as important as everything else. After all, without it you won’t be able to get to the water, let alone on it! That’s why it’s always important to check over the trailer when you’re buying a used boat. Look for things like rust and loose wheel bearings. If it has an electronic braking system, make sure that works too.

If you’re buying a used boat with pre-installed electronics, carefully check over all the wiring

Most used boats have GPS systems and sounders already installed. And these electronics are invaluable for both fishing and navigation. They’re also quite expensive to replace! So if you’re planning on relying on the electronics that come with the purchase, make sure they work before you spend your hard earned money buying a used boat.

If you’re buying a used boat with a fibreglass hull, keep an eye out for any chips, cracks or damage

Finally, let’s talk fibreglass again. Fibreglass is a great material for ocean-going trailer boats – it’s tough, smooth-riding and long-lasting. But it can be susceptible to cracks if it’s not cared for properly. When you’re buying a used fibreglass boat, always look over the hull. Check for things like cracks, chips in the gel-coating, and rough patches. If it has too many, chances are it wasn’t looked after too well, and it may not be a great value purchase.

If you want some expert advice on buying a used boat, come chat with us today!

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