How to prepare your boat for wild weather

Cyclones, storm surges and wild summer storms can all wreak havoc along the Queensland coastline – in particularly from November through until April. To avoid the risk of damage to yourself, others and your boat there are many things boaters can do before wild weather strikes. With severe weather events expected to increase over the next few years, the Holt Marine team are experienced providing advice and information, especially when it comes to issues regarding boat safety. Here is our list of steps to take to prepare your vessel for severe weather.

What to do before a cyclone / wild weather arrives

Stay updated with weather updates from the BOM and radio. Maritime Safety Queensland will provide updates via the web and VHF radio warning for those on the water. Loose boats in a marina can wreak havoc so it’s important these are secured before the storm arrives. Seal any openings to make the boat as watertight as possible.

Keep all documents including insurance policies, registration and if possible a picture of your boat safe and not on the boat. It’s also worth checking where your boat is moored if there is a marina safety plan.

How to Implement a Safety Plan for Your Boat

– Keep Your Boat Well Maintained – Well maintained boats are less likely to be compromised from water and storm damage.

– Invest in Quality Mooring Equipment – If you are not able to move your boat to dry storage, its essential that all mooring lines are in good condition and free from any fraying or deterioration. If possible double up with multiple mooring lines and make sure there are enough bollards for all lines. Make sure the chain is in good condition if using a swing mooring.

– Remove all wind loadings – Whatever is on deck that can be removed including life buoys, bimini covers and anything else that can be detached. Outriggers should also be removed and if possible remove sails or secure them by double wrapping to stop flapping.

We also advise against boarding your vessel and trying to secure it once wild weather has started to hit. This can lead to slipping or injury from other moving parts in the storm. After the storm take extra care in flooded waterways as submerged debris and other things can cause serious damage to your hull.

We want you to stay safe on the water, especially in the event of wild weather.

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