Lost boat washes up in Madagascar 8000kms from home

If this story doesn’t give float hope for a lost boat, then we’re not sure what will!

After previously thinking his boat would never be heard from again after it broke from its moorings in wild weather eight months ago near Exmouth in Western Australia, Skipper Stephen Knight had received a phone call he never expected. It came month after he had to be rescued from the small island off the WA coast after his boat capsized, but the weather meant it was not safe to tow his Leisure Cat vessel – valued at more than $200,000 dollars!

Despite searching for the vessel from the air for more than four days after the rescue, the boat was thought to have sunk and no more was thought about it. Luckily Stephen had boat insurance and thought little else of the loss.

That was in May last year. You can imagine his surprise when he got the phone call in early this month that his boat had been located on the island of Mayotte, between Mozambique and Madagascar – a journey of almost 8000km from its origin.

The boat had travelled through numerous shipping lines to reach that point and drifted across the Indian Ocean up the coast of Africa when it washed up and smashed onto rocks at Mayotte.

French officials traced the boat to Australia from the boat insurance registration and tag on the boat. Mr Knight, who said it’s was a complete shock that his boat had been found at all, let alone on another continent.

And the condition of the boat? Surprisingly very intact, albeit a few barnacles and cosmetic damage. And as for paying to reclaim his former pride and joy? Not a chance Mr Knight told news media since he already owns a new vessel, and the costs of having the his former boat returned could easily run into the thousands.

International law also says items washed ashore are eligible for people to claim salvage rights on allowing resourceful locals to give a new life to either the boat parts, or restore the vessel.

This is just another interesting story in the day of the life of a boatie, but one that we don’t expect to happen too often, but possible another reason to consider boat insurance.

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