Mercury Outboard Motors Are Perfect For Brisbane

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Mercury outboard motors are the perfect motors for Brisbane. With wild weather and a variety of challenging conditions, the reliability, superior technology and corrosion protection that only Mercury provides makes it the ultimate outboard motor for boating in the Brisbane region.

Using Mercury in the Brisbane region

The Brisbane region extends from the Logan River in the south to Double Island Point in the north. This is a significant area, when considering it’s also connected to a range of river and creek systems as well. Boating in this region requires a reliable and strong motor, and Mercury have proven to be frontrunners in this area.

The Mercury brand is a prestigious one, known for its innovation and the pursuit of new technology. Here are just a few examples of what you can expect when using your Mercury outboard motor in Brisbane waterways:

• The electronic fuel injection and low fuel consumption common to Mercury motors is brilliant for the long distances boaters often travel within the Brisbane region. It also allows the motor to handle well through rough water in harsh weather.

• On board digital monitoring systems protect the engine, which is great in Brisbane’s harsh weather and colossal river systems.

• Hard coat anodising corrosive protection enables a Mercury motor to be better protected against the elements. In the Brisbane marine region, with its wild weather and rough water, added protection means your engine lasts longer.

• Multiple trim positions enhance the performance of the motor and enable it to be used in shallow water. This is vital to boating within Moreton Bay, as the majority of the area is shallow and sandy.

• Mercury motors feature neutral-forward shifting with 360 degree steering. This enables boats to be easily manoeuvred, which is key in a region with large container ships using the bay as a main shipping channel. Small boats will have to be the ones to get out of the way, as large boats cannot slow down or change course easily. It also comes in handy in Brisbane’s changing conditions – heavy rain can cause strong currents in river systems where debris needs to be quickly avoided. A drought can cause a big drop in water levels within dams, creeks or rivers that exposes objects beneath the surface, and you’ll need to be able to change course when needed.

These reasons and more make Mercury outboard motors the perfect motor for boating in Brisbane.

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