Monster Alert | Some Of The Biggest Fishing Catches In Australia

Biggest Fishing Catches

Every serious angler dreams of catching a monster, to be held aloft while grinning from ear to ear, and getting more social media love in one day than an entire year.

Australia has its fair share of giant fish, and in this article, we’ll list five of the biggest fishing catches in our waters (not including sharks, because who the hell is trying to catch those devils?)

5. Bluefin Tuna, 168kg

Blue Fin Tuna

Image from The Standard

Bluefin tuna are rotund creatures, and thought to be capable of growing up to 2.45 metres in length2. They’re found across the world, in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

Last year, Melbourne fishermen Bob McPherson and Matt Cini reeled in a whopper bluefin which weighed a total of 168kg. It’s estimated that the fish would have fetched half a million dollars on the Japanese market, if Bob and Matt had a commercial license3.

4. Murray Cod, 181kg

River Cod

Image from Reddit

The Murray cod is Australia’s biggest freshwater fish, and has been around for 26 million years1. As its name suggests, the fish is found in the huge Murray-Darling Basin in the south and south east of the country, and sadly, overfishing has led to it becoming critically endangered.

In 1913, the 181kg beast pictured above was supposedly caught somewhere in the basin.

3. Swordfish, 436kg


Broadbill swordfish are found along the eastern and western coasts of Australia, and in 2018, fisherman Mitch Ryan caught the world’s second largest off the coast of Mallacoota in Victoria. It weighed a colossal 436kg, and amazingly, took him and his crew only an hour and 50 minutes to bring in4.

2. Blue Marlin, 494kg

Blue Marlin

Image from 9News

Blue marlin are another huge species of fish, with females able to grow up to 5 meters in length. Blue marlin found in Australian waters are the Indo-Pacific species, and a prodigious example was caught off the coast of Exmouth by angler Clay Hilbert in 2018.5

The catch has created a buzz around the town of Exmouth, now considered to be one of the best blue marlin fishing spots on earth.

1. Black Marlin, 649kg

Black Marlin

Image from ABC News

And the winner in our list of biggest fishing catches goes to angler Rob Crane and his crew, who in 2018, spent just two hours hauling in a once-in-a-lifetime black marlin. The gargantuan fish weighed just under 650kg, which is roughly the same weight as a grizzly bear, a cow, or a grand piano. Imagine trying to reel a grand piano onto your boat?

The catch caused a stir on social media, with critics voicing ethical concerns of catching such a large fish. But marine biologist Sam Williams believes that the catch is beneficial to scientific studies, indicating changes in the black marlin’s behaviour compared to recent times.

So there you have it, five fishy giants caught off the coast of Australia’s waters, which wowed the fishing world. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll be your picture in the local paper?


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