Quick & Easy Guide On How To Set Up A Fishing Rod

Set Up A Fishing Rod

Some Aussies like nothing more than to cast their net, grab a beer, and wait for a twitch. Fishing is a relaxing hobby undertaken by millions of us every year, creating a multi-billion dollar industry for our economy.1

If you’re thinking of getting into fishing, but have never set up a basic fishing rod before, we’ll explain how in this article.

How to set up a basic fishing rod

A fishing rod consists of the rod itself, a reel, fishing line, and a lure. Here’s full instructions on how to set up a fishing rod reel, as well as how to set up a fishing rod with a lure.

1. Connect the poles, and attach the reel

If you’ve inherited a fishing rod, you probably won’t have to complete this step. But if you’ve purchased a new rod, follow the instructions below to assemble it.

• Connect the two pieces of the rod pole by sliding them together, making sure that the circular rod guides that run along the bottom of the rod are aligned.

• Your rod will contain two joints (called a ferrule) where the reel attaches to it. This will be located towards the thicker end of the rod. Once you’ve identified this, align the reel and slide it into the joints. If the reel doesn’t fit, you might need to loosen the reel seat (located at the bottom end of the two joints) by rotating it.

• Once the reel is in the joints, tighten the reel seat to secure it.

2. Spool the reel

First of all, make sure the line you’re using has a greater breaking strain than the rod. For example, your line might have a breaking strain of 4kg, and your rod a weight strain of 3kg. This is important because if you hook a big fish, your line should break before your rod does! You can get this information from the line’s packaging, and on the side of the reel itself.

Spooling is one of the trickier parts of setting up a rod, and the easiest way to learn is by watching a video. These guys do a fantastic job of explaining how to spool a reel.

3. Attach the lure

• Thread your line through the eyelet (loop) in your lure, leaving roughly twenty centimeters of line on the other side.

• Pinch the eyelet with one hand, and loop the spare line closely around the line on the other side (candy cane style), roughly five times.

• At the bottom end of your twisted line, there should be a small loop. Push the end of your line through without tightening, and you’ll have created a bigger loop behind it.

• Put the line through the bigger loop, and then pull it tight (with your teeth, if it helps).

• Pull the main longer line away from the eyelet, to tighten and close the loop.

• Cut off the spare line from the knot.

Again, if you’re struggling to follow these instructions, you might find it useful to watch a video instead.

Setting up a rod can be challenging the first time, especially spooling the reel. But once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’ll become second nature, and you’ll be catching delicious monsters before you know it.


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