Sailing Playlist: Top 10 Songs To Listen To Aboard Your Boat

sailing playlist

A good playlist can make any voyage that little bit better. So we’ve put together a list of our favourite nautical tunes for your next trip into the blue!

One of the classic boating songs is Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing’

Any child of the 70s will appreciate some Rod Stewart, and his classic ‘Sailing’ belongs on anyone’s sailing playlist. It stays on message, doesn’t beat around the bush, and it will have you and your crew singing and sailing into the sunset every time!

Creedence Clearwater Revival find their way onto most playlists – including our sailing playlist, with ‘Proud Mary’

We normally associate Creedence Clearwater Revival with more terrestrial tunes. But, they’ve deviated from their regular theme of rain with ‘Proud Mary.’ And we reckon this song – an allegory about a woman and a paddle steamer – is a worthy contender of a place on your sailing playlist. Who would’ve thought Creedence would come up with such a great boating song?

Take a sneaky swipe at your crew: include Robert Plant’s ‘Ship of Fools’ on your sailing playlist

From the lead singer of Led Zeppelin comes our favourite subtle snipe for the exasperated captain: ‘Ship of Fools.’ If your mate drops a good fish or tangles up the anchor chain, ‘Ship of Fools’ is the perfect way to rub some fresh sea salt in the wound!

You wouldn’t want to sail in dire straits, but the band deserves a place on your sailing playlist!

‘Single Handed Sailor’ is an easy listening classic from Dire Straits. This boating song is, in fact, a tribute to one of the sea’s most iconic single handed sailor. And he no doubt faced some dire straits of his own! We reckon he’s earned a spot on your sailing playlist, and who better to take him there than Mark Knopfler himself?

’The Ship Song’ is one of Nick Cave’s moving classics and it’s one of our favourite boating songs

If you want to slow things down a bit, but stay on topic with songs about boats and water, ‘The Ship Song’ is for you. As one of Nick Cave’s most moving and widely acclaimed ballads, you know that you’ll be getting quality. And, surrounded by salty water, who’ll notice if you shed a tear or two?

For a relaxing voyage in calm waters, put Florence and The Machine on your sailing playlist with ‘Ship to Wreck’

Let’s jump forward a bit, into the 21st century, with Florence and the Machine’s ‘Ship to Wreck.’ This song maintains the iconic and almost ethereal style of Florence and the Machine, which makes it an almost haunting boating song. But, as long as you don’t take the lyrics too literally, it’s a worthy contender for any sailing playlist.

The Grateful Dead: an American rock classic, who deserve a place on your sailing playlist with ‘Lost Sailor’

We’ve got it easy these days in terms of nautical navigation, but the subject of The Grateful Dead’s ‘Lost Sailor’ was not so lucky. Spare a thought for him as this banger sounds out across the sea as a part of your sailing playlist.

What could be a better boating song than the Commodores’ ‘Sail On,’ written by icon Lionel Ritchie

If you’re anything like us, you won’t need much convincing to take an extra hour or two on the water. So why not throw ‘Sail On,’ by The Commodores into your sailing playlist. It could give you the inspiration you need to try one last fishing spot before you head into shore.

Bob Dylan’s ‘When the Ship Comes in’ is a classic addition to your sailing playlist

What better way to roll back into the ramp than under the steady tunes of Bob Dylan with ‘When The Ship Comes In.’ This song welcomes even the most ragged sailor home, and if you add it to your sailing playlist you’ll find out why.

Van Morrison comes through with the goods in his iconic boating song ‘Into the Mystic’

We started your sailing playlist with some 70s classics, so why not end there! Van Morrison’s deeply lyrical classic ‘Into the Mystic’ is the perfect salty song for the seasoned sailors among us. It’s definitely deserving of a spot on your sailing playlist.
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