The Best Land Based Fishing Spots in Brisbane

land based fishing spots brisbane

Have you noticed that the weather always seems to come good when you put your boat in for a service? It truly is a remarkable coincidence! But you don’t need to let is stop you from enjoying some hot fishing on the weekend. Brisbane has more land based fishing spots than a lot of people realise, and it’s well worth taking a look at a few. Sure, you might not want to eat everything you catch. But it’s a great way to catch some quality fish, and even tick a few PBs off your list. Here are our favourite land based fishing spots in Brisbane.

Deception Bay: these sand flats offer some of the best land based whiting fishing spots in Brisbane

Deception Bay is a short drive north of Brisbane. It is in the Moreton Bay area, and has the sort of fishing you would expect from one of Queensland’s premier estuarine environments. Our favourite species to target out that way is whiting. Whiting are pretty easy to target in land based fishing spots around Brisbane. And in Deception Bay, the water quality is pretty good – so you can even get a feed out of it! Just look for the sand flats on a run in tide, and take plenty of worms and prawns with you.

Try fishing the spots along the land based stretch of the Brisbane River from New Farm to Teneriffe

New Farm park isn’t the sort of area you would normally associate with fishing. But the fact is, that stretch of river has a long history as an urban land based fishing playground. You can find land based fishing spots pretty easily along this stretch of the Brisbane River. That is largely thanks to all the structure in the area. There are rocks, trees, pylons, gutters, and much more. And you know that means: bream!

Where Breakfast Creek meets the Brisbane River, there are great land based fishing spots

If you’re after something a little closer to ‘bucket list’ material, why not try the mouth of Breakfast Creek? There are few land based spots as good for jewfish and threadfin salmon as the junction of Breakfast Creek and the Brisbane River. This mouth is deep, wide, and home to some pretty wild underwater terrain. On a strong run out tide, the currents are visibly turbulent, and that always makes those bigger fish excited. Soaking a livie here, or targeting the banks with big soft plastics puts you in the running for a fish of a lifetime!

Norman Creek boasts land based fishing spots from the suburbs to the Brisbane River!

Norman Creek offers some similar terrain to that of Breakfast Creek. For larger fish, try the land based spots where Norman Creek meets the Brisbane River. Or, if the conditions don’t suit that, head upstream a bit and try your hand at some suburban bream fishing. All you need is a good light spin rod, and a healthy selection of soft plastics and hardbody lures.

Chasing bass or yellowbelly? Moogerah Dam offers productive land based fishing spots

Finally, if you want to make a day trip – or even a camping trip – out of your weekend fishing, try Moogerah Dam. There are plenty of land based fishing spots there, and it’s only a short drive from Brisbane. With a good selection of lures and some sturdy walking shoes, you can take in the scenery, and hopefully find yourself a yellowbelly or two. And at the end of the day, why not jump in and cool off? It may be an hour out of town, but Moogerah is well worth the drive!

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