Powered Up: Tips for saving fuel aboard your boat


How much fuel does this baby burn?

Here at Holt Marine this is one of the questions we are frequently asked about our boats and outboard motors, and while some engines undoubtedly provide better fuel efficiency, much of how much fuel is consumed comes down to the boat owners operates their boat. In this post we share some easy implemented techniques for boaties so they can stretch their fuel further and operates their boat more economically.
Reduce unnecessary weight and items that cause wind resistance

If you’re only heading out for the day bring only the items that you need for the trip. This means one anchor will be sufficient and long range gear can be left at home since excess items on deck create extra weight which will burn more fuel.

Use the right propeller

Beg and borrow from your boating friends to test out a range of different propellers on your boat and sometimes the stock standard propeller may not be the most efficient for your vessel. If the pitch in the propeller is right, the motor is able to run at the recommended RPM range and consume less fuel in the process. A propeller that is dinged will also slow you down and consume more fuel, so come and see us for our range of boat parts including propellers , or for servicing or repairs.

Keep your engine well maintained and tuned

Outboard motors that are well looked after will get more mileage and have fewer unpleasant emissions. Following the servicing schedule recommended by your manufacturer is not only important for fuel efficiency, it will also extend the life of your engine.

Avoid excess engine idling

It may seem obvious, but continuing to run your engine while you are not in motion will continue to burn unnecessary fuel and emit toxic fumes which are unhealthy and even potentially dangerous to breathe in

Keep your trim at the optimum level

How your boat moves through the water is essential in how much fuel the engine will consume.  Keep your trim tabs operating and minimise the depth of the engine in the water to reduce unnecessary drag. However be careful to avoid over trim as this will angle the hull too high above the water line and also use excess fuel. Ideally keep your boat as flat as possible so it glides across the water effortlessly.

With the increases in fuel prices, following these simple tips in how you operate your boat will not only save a few dollars, the performance of your vessel will also benefit. To speak to us about our range of boat parts, outboard motors and boat repairs and servicing, call into North Brisbane’s primary boat specialists at Holt Marine. We’re at 25 Queens Road, Everton Hills so come in and speak to our friendly team today.


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