Trapped whale freed by a recreational boatie

One of the greatest things about working at Holt Marine is that we constantly get to keep an eye on all of the news and current events in the marine world.  Whether it is through our regular customers in Brisbane telling us stories of their days out on the water or simply from picking up a newspaper and having a read, we are always interested in hearing what has been happening out on the water.  In today’s blog post, we will focus on a recent story that has really stuck out in our minds.  It is a story of a man, a boat and a whale.

Just a few weeks ago, Peter Brown and his wife headed out in their yacht for a relaxed day out on the waters just past the northern tip of Straddie.  Everything was going perfectly until Mr. Brown spotted a whale acting rather peculiarly off in the distance.  Upon getting closer to the whale, he realised what was happening – the young whale was caught in a shark net.

Mr. Brown quickly called the authorities to notify them of the animal in distress, but after waiting half an hour and getting little response, he decided to take matters into his own hands.  He initially approached the whale in his dingy and attempted to cut the ropes to free it, but it was taking far too long.

The 67 year old then decided that he needed to take his rescue plans to the next level.  He paddled back to the yacht, grabbed a pair of flippers, a snorkel and a knife and jumped into the water.  He swam up to the whale, strategically cut some ropes and within a matter of moments the whale was freed.  What a great story!

Of course we don’t recommend our readers to try this themselves, as getting too close to giant whales can be extremely dangerous.  There has even been stories of swimmers being knocked out or getting their legs broken from the sheer power of the giant creature.

In today’s blog post, we have shared a wonderful story of a Brisbane man’s day out on the ocean.  If you would like to experience your own boating adventure, please come into our boat shop or give us a call today on (07) 3353 1928.

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