What NOT to do to your Marine Engine

The engine is the heart and soul of every smooth operating marine vessel and aside from changing the oil and filtering the fuel, there a lot of things that people do to their engine which could be causing harm without them even realising. Here are some tips to keep your engine purring along and treat it with the respect that every boat deserves.

Turning a deaf ear

If sounds begin get louder or change, you should listen to the signs of an unhealthy engine. Often it’s just some repairs needed to the outboard motor which could be as simples as a new belt, or new bearing needed in the water pump. Pay attention to the noises your engine makes since anything out of character should mean you schedule an inspection sooner rather than later.

Cheap Oil makes two stroke engines unhappy

Giving your two stroke engine cheap oil might be cheaper now, but in the long run will only age the engine and won’t provide the best lubrication and protection of parts. The cheapest oil can even destroy pistons, rings and cylinders. Don’t, just don’t.

Forgetting to Flush

Not flushing your engine out can mean overtime it can build up a lot of detritus and affect the engine smooth performance causing irregular running and sputtering. The build up of salt water can cause corrosion over time so be sure to consult your engine manual of the correct procedure or this post explains how.

Neglect to Address Corrosion

Your engine needs a clean, dry environment. Keep electrical connectors coated with WD-40 to repel moisture and if boating in the salt water wipe down the engine bay periodically with freshwater. Remove salt crystals left from salt water splashes, wipe on an oil around the engine (Vaseline works) to ensure continued protection.

Not reading the instructions

It may not be the most riveting reading, but your manual is designed to educate how to take care of your marine engine so it continues to perform well. An outboard motor is a very complex piece of engineering and it’s been tested to be used in the right way for best performance and so it continues to perform.  If you want to save money of repairs and maintenance down the past you should always read and understand your engine manual.

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