Your Ultimate Fishing Trip Checklist

Your Ultimate Fishing Trip Checklist

There’s nothing like the anticipation the night before a fishing trip. You’ve planned your itinerary, checked the tides, filled the esky with ice and you’re ready to go. Or at least, you think you are. Before you set that early morning alarm, there are a few things that are really worth double checking. That’s why we have put together your ultimate fishing trip checklist. No longer will you get that sinking feeling that comes with forgetting something important. So read on, and put your mind at ease!

Avoid disaster at the ramp: bungs are the first item on any fishing trip checklist

Speaking of sinking feelings, bungs are the first thing to check before you hit the water. Every fisherman has heard the horror stories, whether it was from a friend of a friend, or a firsthand experience. And chances are, if you’re anything like us, that’s your worst nightmare. Launching the boat without the bungs is up there with forgetting to put the handbrake on at the ramp. No good can come of it! So when you reach the end of this fishing trip checklist, go give those bungs an extra twist – you can never be too sure.

Finding fish will be much harder without your fish finder – make sure you’ve got the sounder

With the bungs firmly in, your odds of making it to the first fishing spot are far more favourable. But what about your odds of actually catching a fish? We’ve been fishing long enough to know that that’s never a guarantee. However there is one thing you need to remember if you’re to stand a fighting chance, and that’s your depth sounder. So plug it in tonight and make sure it works!

How much fuel do you need? Spare fuel is an important item on every fishing trip checklist

Whether you’re planning a half day up the local creek, or an offshore overnighter, fuel is something you can’t skimp on. When you’re out at sea especially, fuel is like water in the desert – take how much you think you’ll need and double it! And if the powerhouse behind your boat is a two-stroke, make sure the fuel is mixed and ready to go. That way the process of refuelling at sea will be as fast as possible, which lessens the likelihood of things going pear-shaped.

Whether you’re hitting the estuary or heading offshore, a spare rod is a good way to insure yourself

As embarrassing as it is, we can all admit to busting the occasional fishing rod. And normally, although it’s frustrating, it’s no big deal. But if you are out on the water and you don’t have a backup rod, it can spell the end of your much anticipated fishing trip. So dust off the back up and get it ready to go, because there’s nothing worse than having to rerig a spare rod in the middle of a hot bite!

Fishing trip checklists are mostly about safety, and this one is no different: Check the safety gear!

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a quiet cruise on the water or a day of arm stretching fishing madness – safety gear is paramount. Safety gear is also required by law for all boats. So check the regulations and see how they affect your fishing trip. Your checklist should include all the safety gear you need for your fishing trip specifically, because the law requires different items of safety gear for different conditions. Once your safety gear is compliant with the law, you can sleep easy knowing that you’re ready to hit the water first thing tomorrow! Of course, it’s probably worth checking those bungs again first – just once more…

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