Tips for maintaining outboard motors

Here at Holt Marine, we really take pride and satisfaction in educating our customers on all aspects of the boating world.  We understand how much it can cost to enjoy the marine lifestyle, which is why we hate to see boats breaking down from easily preventable problems.  In today’s blog post, we will continue our educational boating series by putting the spotlight on outboard motors, and explaining to our Brisbane readers how you can extend the life of your motor through a few simple steps.

Flush your motor

When you get back from a big day out on the water, it is quite tempting to just pop the boat in the yard and be done with it for the day.  However, we highly recommend that before you do this, you spend a 15 plus minutes (long enough for the thermostat to open) flushing your motor with fresh water.  This is very important (especially when you have been in salt-water) as it will help to prevent corrosion in your motor or become clogged with debris, prolonging the engines life.

Correct Storage

As suggested in our article last month, we recommend that you should remove all of your fuel from the engine or use a fuel stabilizer when storing your machine for prolonged periods e.g. winter.  We recommend Quickstor fuel stabilizer.

Check the Oil

About once a year we recommend that you should check the gearbox oil in your engine.  This oil is very important as it is used by all of the gears in your motor.  Regular checks ensure that the oil is clean and that no water has leaked into the motor.

Check the Pump

It is important to check your engine water pump every now and then; if your water pump becomes faulty then you could find yourself in all kinds of trouble.  The water pump is responsible for drawing water through the engine to keep it from overheating. Never crank your motor over without having water flowing through the water pump.

In today’s blog post, we have provided our readers with 4 useful tips which they can use to prolong the life of their outboard motors.  If you would like to find out any more information regarding this, please don’t hesitate to give our Brisbane team at Holt Marine a call today on (07) 3353 1928.

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