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If you live in Brisbane, chances are that you love its relaxed, laidback lifestyle and beautiful climate. Having a boat is the best way to explore all that’s on offer in the Sunshine state. And, when you’re doing what you love most on the water, the performance of your outboard motor is everything. You don’t want to find yourself with a spluttering or lifeless motor when you need it most. Especially if you’re out on the water with a Brisbane summer storm front fast approaching.

When it comes to buying, servicing and repairing outboard motors in Brisbane, you want someone who’s as passionate about the safety, reliability and performance of your outboard motor as you are. Look no further than the team at Holt Marine.

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Outboard Motors Brisbane

You really love your boat. We’re not surprised you take the task of buying an outboard motor in Brisbane very seriously. It’s a huge investment. We know that you’re not fooled by a pretty shopfront and a salesperson who sees you merely as an opportunity to make the biggest commission possible. Instead, you want to deal with someone who actually knows what they’re talking about: Someone who has an intricate understanding of boats, motors and Brisbane’s unique and often challenging boating conditions. Someone who’s passionate, obsessive even, about the product they’re selling. Of all the boat shops Brisbane has to offer, ther's really something different at Holt Marine. At Holt Marine, we’re not afraid to step out from behind the sales jargon and speak your language. That’s because we’re Brisbane’s specialists in outboard motor sales. We want to know everything there is to know about your boat before we sell you an outboard motor. Tell us the how, when, where and why you use your boat. We want to know exactly what is it about being out on the water that makes your heart sing. Only then can we advise you on your outboard motor options to fit your needs and budget.

Outboard motors for sale in Brisbane

The outboard motor sales market’s flooded with cheap imports. Some barely comply with Australian Standards. Sure, there’s a lot of outboard motors in Brisbane that cost less than our well-known brands. But they’re only cheaper because there’s a lot of corners cut along the way. They’re constructed from inferior materials. They’re not built to withstand our unique conditions and climate. You’ll lose any money you save at the checkout in costly repairs. That’s because you’ll end up with an outboard motor that will breakdown more often than it should. Replacement parts will be difficult, if not impossible, to source. Even if you do manage to track them down, your boat will be out of action for weeks while you wait for them to be shipped in at great expense from overseas.

Providing you get that far, you’ll then be lucky to find a mechanic willing to put it all back together. What’s the point of settling for an inferior product when a little advice and guidance will point you in the direction of much better, cost effective outboard motors on the market?

The good news for you is that we’re incredibly picky about our outboard motor sales in Brisbane. We stock only well-established, reputable brands. We don’t focus on prices and profit margins. We look for state-of-the-art design and innovation, fuel efficiency and an excellent track record of performance in Australian conditions. After all, it’s our reputation as Brisbane’s leading outboard motor specialist that’s at stake.

New Mercury outboard motors

We’re incredibly proud of the Mercury outboard motors we sell. If you’re looking for a precision engine with a great pedigree, you can’t go past a Mercury. Mercury outboards have a remarkable reputation as being amongst the best on the market. They’re exceptionally well designed and constructed with our tough conditions in mind. Best of all, they’re built to last.

We’re not just proud stockists of the biggest range of new Mercury outboards. We’re also an authorised re-seller of Mercury outboard motors too. That kind of accreditation doesn’t come easily. Mercury have put us through the hoops to ensure we satisfy their strict criteria. We’ve come up trumps, exceeding their expectations as to product knowledgeability, expertise and after-sales service. We guarantee that you’re getting the genuine article and the standard of servicing to ensure it will outlast the competition by years. Our commitment to ensuring that you get the very best out of your Mercury outboard motor doesn’t end at the cash register.

Reconditioned and second-hand outboard motor sales in Brisbane

We don’t just sell new outboard motors, either. From time-to-time we also stock and sell the best range of hand-picked, expertly reconditioned or used outboards in Brisbane. That’s because we know that the best option for you might not be a new outboard motor if there’s another option open to you. We get that. Our job is to make you aware that there are alternatives available.

We’re not going to try and sell you a more expensive new outboard motor if there’s a great second-hand or reconditioned engine that’s a better fit for you. You’re not taking a risk when you buy a used outboard from us. When reputation is everything to us, we’re not prepared to sell you a used outboard unless it’s of the highest possible standard and as good as its new equivalent.

Our integrity is not just good for your hip pocket. It also cements our reputation as an honest business intent on keeping your best interests close to heart.

Outboard motor servicing in Brisbane

We know better than anyone that, when it comes to your boat and your outboard motor’s performance, you only get out what you put in. The best way to get the most out of your outboard motor in Brisbane is to commit to a schedule of regular outboard servicing.

The unique Brisbane combination of salt water and high levels of humidity is one of the biggest factors leading to corrosion and outboard engine failure. Like any other fine-tuned piece of machinery, regular servicing will ensure that your outboard motor is best placed to withstand the elements. It’ll also ensure that any early signs of corrosion, wear and tear are detected straight away. That ensures that it’s picked up well before it causes costly or even irreparable damage to your motor.

You want to protect your investment by ensuring that the right people carry out the right schedule of servicing for your particular outboard motor. We guarantee that our outboard motor servicing in Brisbane will always be carried out by a qualified professional marine mechanic. It will always be in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Most importantly, we understand the importance of your manufacturer’s warranty and will never do anything to jeopardise it. We’re authorised Mercury outboard motor repairers. We have their stamp of approval. That’s not something that many of our counterparts can boast.

If the sound of a well-maintained, regularly serviced outboard motor is music to your ears, you’ve come to the right place.

Outboard motor repairs in Brisbane

Even a well-maintained outboard motor can break down once in a while. We don’t send our mechanical work off-site. We’re fully equipped with the workshop facilities and equipment necessary to assess the extent of the damage and repair your outboard.

We know that an outboard motor can breakdown when you least expect it. We’ll give you a realistic quote first before carrying out any repairs. We’ll then carry out the necessary work in a time-frame that suits you and your budget.

What’s more, we’re familiar with servicing and repairing just about every make and model of outboard motor on the market. Whether it’s a small repair or a full engine rebuild from the ground up, Holt Marine can accommodate your needs and your budget.

A repair is only as good as the workmanship and the quality of the replacement part used. Our outboard motor mechanics are fully qualified, experienced and share your passion for boating. We only use genuine parts sourced from reputable suppliers. We have strict protocols that require that we test every part to ensure its quality prior to fitting it. Our people and their level of expertise are the envy of our competitors. Experience the Holt Marine difference when it comes to outboard motor servicing and repairs today.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Like you, we love getting out on Moreton Bay or exploring Brisbane’s sublime inland waterways, estuaries and exquisite lakes. After all, the greater Brisbane region is home to some of the best fishing, diving and recreational boating spots in Australia. As they say, if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. We’ve been doing what we love for more than 30 years now.

If there’s one thing that our experience has told us, it’s that a boat shop shouldn’t just be about selling boats or outboards in Brisbane. It should be a meeting place for people who share a common passion. A place to have a chat, to get the information and equipment you’re after and pick up the tips that will help you get the most out your boating experience. At Holt Marine, we’d be delighted to help you take your love affair with boating to the next level.

Come in for a chat or phone us today at Holt Marine on 07 3353 1928. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by our great service, competitive prices, knowledgeability and technical expertise. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

For sales, servicing and repair of outboard motors in Brisbane, you simply can’t beat Holt Marine. Contact our team today and get out on the water sooner!